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Trial class fee: HK$ 285
Package 12 classes : HK$ 4,150 (for new student there is a discount of $750 if apply on the same day of the trial class)
One time membership fee: HK$ 200
Classes with parents' participation (below 3 years old) are 45 minutes per lesson. Other than that, the classes are 50 minutes.
Class fees are non-refundable once the enrollment is confirmed.
All class fees are non-transferable.
For payment, we accept cash and cheque. Please make the cheques payable to "My Kiddy Gym Limited".
Each package consists of 12 classes, classes are met once a week and all 12 classes has to be complete within 14 weeks from the first class.
We recommend your child has a loose-outfits for class.
During the class period, children are needed to be barefoot for their safety and have enough textural stimulations. Parents or caregivers are required to have clean socks while class participation.
All children attend the class must be accompanied with parents and caregivers anytime.
No eating or drinking on the carpeted area in the gym.
Please kindly turned off or silence mode when the class is in progress.
Only one parent is allowed for each child in the gym.
Make up classes can be arranged within your package period and depends on availability.
All classes (include make-up class) must be completed within your package period.
No make-up classes can be made without any further notifications.
For some reasons, you can’t attend the class, please let us know in advance. Classes can’t be re-scheduled without further notifications.
No classes when Typhoon signal No. 8, or Black Rain Signal is hoisted.
If Typhoon signal No. 8 or Black Rain Storm signal is lifted before 12pm, classes will be resumed 3 hours afterwards. If the signal is lifted after 12pm, there will be no classes in the afternoon.
No classes will be held during Chinese New Year and Christmas public holidays.
For safety and hygiene reason, we allow only one parent, or caregiver to participate the classes.
For children, who age is under 3, should be accompanied with parent or caregiver during the class period.
Body temperatures are needed to be measured before entering the class. Children who show any symptoms of illness, are recommended to have some rest at home instead of coming the class.
We reserved the right to ask someone to leave if a person is in an unwell health condition.
Only enrolled children can participate in our classes.
All adults who are participating in the class are required to wear clean socks.
We (My Kiddy Gym) should not be responsible, or liable for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property in or on the premises.
All class schedules, pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change without further notification.