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My Kiddy Gym is here to help you build your child into a healthy and confident individual starting from 3 months through to 5 years covering different aspects of a child’s growth. Through our group gymnastics classes we build confidence in your child by ensuring that they are noticed for even the smallest of achievements. It is not only about FUN coming to kiddy gym, it is NOW about learning and Progression.
Quality physical development programs are needed to increase physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activities for all children, even at a very young age. Coming to a baby gym allow your child to work on building new relationships with friends and let them socialize and interact with children of similar age, in a safe and structure environment.
Unlike many other playgroups and gyms, My Kiddy Gym has a structured curriculum, a program that is designed for the kids of Hong Kong, ensuring your child will be experiencing a holistic approach to learning. Our experienced teachers are there to help you every steps of the way with ongoing assessments so to keep track of your child’s progress and tell you what should be expected based on developmental milestones.
Since 2009, My Kiddy Gym has been one of the top English Baby Gym in Hong Kong. We have been awarded “The best Baby Gym” by Peegaboo in both year 2011 and 2012.