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My Kiddy Gym offers courses from 3 months to 5 years old focusing on building skills while having fun. Our program covers numerous key developmental areas, working on creativity, organization, co-ordination, confidence, goal orientation and discipline all in the midst of having fun in a safe environment. Choose one of our program designed to challenge, motivate and educate you and your child, building skills that can be used for the rest of their precious lives!
Your child can walk unaccompanied, up the stairs and starts running around. Our Shakers class facilitates your child’s social skills, and aim to strengthen their physical and cognitive growth as well. There are gymnastic skills, obstacle courses and social challenges differ each week, ensuring your child stays motivated, learns new skills and most of all have fun in this progressive skill building course. Working on physical, social and cognitive growth, this class adopts a holistic approach to learning, preparing your child for the challenges of preschool lying ahead.